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These are amazing, far beyond expectation. Thank you so much…and for pushing onto your weekend too

Producer [Conference Design] 23/09/23


Thank you so so much for sending this across so quickly, looks awesome!

Producer [Exhibition Design] 21/08/23

Mike you are so fast!! These are amazing! Will share with wider production team and come back with any feedback. .......But WOW!

Agency [Event Design, Renders & CAD] 12/07/23e

..this is brilliant - thanks so much Mike

Producer, Agency [Event Design, Renders & CAD] 12/06/23e

this is brilliant - thanks so much Mike

Once again you have saved my bacon

and I appreciate that very much….

MD, Agency [Event Design, Renders & CAD] 19/05/23

Thanks so much Mike...

You were an absolute marvel.

Sorry it was thrown at you at the last minute too….

Owner, Agency [Event Design, Renders & CAD] 09/05/23

You are so good to work with – I don’t know many

who could’ve managed what we’ve achieved today.

Thank you.

Senior Producer, Agency [Event Design] 04/05/23

Ah .. legends! .. Thank you so much!

Producer, Agency [Venue Brand Design] 27/04/23

Genius! Thank you so much!!

I really appreciate it. Looks FAB.

Exec Producer, Agency

[Film Launch & Experiential Design] 31/03/23

Oh wow - you are as ever an absolute star - thank you! 

Senior producer, Agency [Conference Design] 31/03/2023

You absolute superstar .. thank you so, so

much for getting these done so quickly, hugely appreciated

Senior Producer, Agency [Virtual AGM Design] 21/03/23

Many thanks again for all your support on the project -

your creativity, flexibility, and willingness to provide

numerous amends were much appreciated.

Exec Producer, Agency [Event Design] 07/02/23

Thanks … pretty certain we will be exceeding

the client’s expectations with these!!

Exec Producer, Agency [Event Design] 31/01/23

Awesome Mike! Thank you

Senior Producer [Exhibition design] 11/01/23

Looking good! … we had a great set designer

Agency Owner [Studio design] 10/01/23

Looks great Mike. Thanks for the speediness as always

Account Director [Conference Design] 06/01/23

Mike you are ace!!!! Thanks so much this looks great.

MD, Agency [Office Refurb Visuals] 29/11/22

Thanks so much Mike these are wicked..

MD, Agency [Event Design] 14/11/22

I have to say Mike – that looks brilliant!

Agency CEO [Studio Design] 08/11/22

Thank you again for your efforts, you’re a talented man!

Account Director Agency [Event design] 26/09/22

Thanks so much for turning around the visuals last night Mike...

Really appreciate your flexibility and help with this one
MD Experiential Agency [Experiential festival design] 11/08/22

You have been wonderful we are so glad we found you!!!!

MD Comms Agency [Client conference design] 11/08/22

Brilliant value! Thanks

Senior Producer [Conference visuals] 26-07-22 

Many thanks for the work you did .. It was perfect. 

Project Manager Staging Company [Conference & awards show design] 23-07-22

Hi Mike I am seriously delighted with the visuals

MD Comms Agency [Client conference design] 22-07-22

I love it!! Thanks so much Mike

MD Production Agency [Automotive booth design] 20-07-22

Super star thanks

MD Production Agency [Exhibition design] 07-07-22

Client loved them mate, thanks very much! 

Account manager [Experiential / PR Shoot] 01-07-22

Hi MIke, Wow, it's looking so good!! 

..thank you so much! This looks really, really impressive!

UK Production Lead [Experiential Structure Designs) 15-06-22

Fantastic – thanks for sending this through so quickly Mike

Brand Manager [Exhibition Designs) 23-05-22

Thanks Mike. These are looking fantastic. 

Appreciate there’s been a lot of back and forth and appreciate your patience

Operations manager [Architectural / Installation visuals] 18-05-22

Wow Mike love these the stitched ones are the bomb mate!

Director London Film Studios [Architectural fly-throughs] 24-04-22

Fantastic, thanks Mike   Great work

Director Event Production Agency [gaming event design] 03-03-22

You are fast. Thanks Mike

Head of Creative Production [event designs] 23-02-22

Amazing thank you.

MD Event Production Agency [event design] 22-02-22

This is fantastic Mike Really pleased, many thanks 

Director Event Production Agency [gaming event design] 12-02-22

Thanks so much, the visuals look amazing.

Senior Creative Production Manager [Small Meeting Visuals] 04-02-22

Amazing this is perfect thanks Mike.

Senior Production Manager [Small Meeting Visuals]  04-02-22

WOW!  Thanks MB!!

MD [Architectural visuals] 21-01-22

Mike these look bloody brilliant. Thanks so much

MD Event Production Agency [virtual event design] 09-01-22

thank you so much for your help with our projects…

your flexibility and quality of work is really appreciated

MD Event Production Agency [Event, exhibition & conference design] 22-12-21

Stunning job Mike, thank you

Senior Operations Manager [Mass Sports Visuals] 10-12-21

F*cking love it Mike!

MD [Architectural visuals] 06-12-21

Yes, bang on!
Thanks for pulling this together so incredibly fast

Project Manager [AV Installation] 26-11-21

Brilliant thanks Mike. Loving the work you do! 

CEO Event Production Agency [Event, exhibition & conference design] 24-11-21

AMAZING once again. Thank you.

Producer Event Production Agency [Exhibition design] 24-11-21


This is FANTASTIC Mike, well done

Producer Event Production Agency [Exhibition design] 08-11-21


MD Experiential Agency  [Event designs] 

MB…”actual genius” Wow thanks Mike your a star!!

MD Set Build  [Experiential designs]

Amazing stuff Mike .. Thanks for swift turn around it has really helped

MD Experiential Agency  [Experiential Festival designs]

SUPERB!!! ..Much appreciated.

Experiential Producer  [Experience designs, London]


Executive Producer  [Exhibition designs USA & Europe]

It’s been a real pleasure to work with you Mike, we’re so grateful to you for making time this week.

I very much look forward to working with you again in future

Executive Producer  [Exhibition designs USA & Europe]

Ahh brilliant thanks Mike it looks clear but appreciate that’s only because you’re a genius!

Architectural Visuals Client, UK [Site Development/Renders]

Thank you for turning them round so quickly.. Great work as always

Account Manager AV Staging Co  [Exhibition]

Brilliant .. absolutely stonking

Account Manager AV Staging Co  [TV Studios]

Hey Mike, Looks amazing!

Senior Creative Producer [In-house Hybrid Events Design]

Thank you for these - they look brilliant ..Thanks again for the quick turnaround

Account Manager AV Staging Co  [Exhibition TV Studio]

Genius….this is fantastic Mike!!

Architectural Visuals Client, UK [Site Development/Renders]

Lovely stuff Mike

Badly Drawn Boy [Damon Gough]

Cracking job as usual.. Many thanks for this

MD, Staging Company [Covid Pod Designs/Renders]

Just wanted to let you know we just sent this over to the client. It looks great!

Now just to figure out how they can afford it. Appreciate your hard work, as always.

Creative Producer, Global Events Company [Event Designs/Renders]

Thanks for all the work lately. You have as ever been a star.

Global Production Company [Event Designs/Renders]

Gorgeous! Thanks a ton, Mike 

Production Company [Event Designs/Renders]

Amazing thanks Mike it looks terrific!! Thanks for all of your hard work and fast turn around.

Senior Producer - Production Company [Event Designs/Renders]

Thank you for your patience with all the changes and not shooting the middle man!

You’ve been amazing.

MD - Experiential Production Company [Experiential Designs/Renders]

Wow Mike, more than impressed these are amazing and exactly what’s needed

for us to get sign off from client and promoter! Thank you.

MD - Production Company [Experiential Designs/Renders]

Thank you so much for all you’ve done. As you know, it’s always difficult working by/for yourself.

For me it’s trying to keep up with the big events boys, so I really appreciate your translation

of what’s in my head and the quality of your work.

Freelance Producer [Event Designs/Renders]


You are a STAR!!! Look fab fab fab thank you!!!

Producer - Production Company [Event Designs/Renders]

Amazing – thanks Mike!

Production Designer  - Production Company [Venue build - entire building]


Thanks so much! Look wonderful

Account Dir - Production Company [Staff Day Designs/Render]


These are great Mike... Really impressed with both the quality and turnaround time. 

AD - AV Production Company [Conference Pitch Designs/Render]


PERFECT. Thanks..

MD - Production Company [Conference Pitch Designs/Render/Flythrough]


Amazing. Thanks, Mike

MD - Exhibition Construction [USA booth designs]


I think it’s looking f*cking amazing, especially in the time too!!

MD - Design Construction Company [Conference Pitch Designs]


God, you are good Mike, I would say this has nailed it.

MD - AV Production Company [Installation Renders]


Thank you, Mike. Also, I meant what I said, it’s all too easy to say ‘wow, that’s amazing’

but I honestly think you are incredibly skilled at what you do and I sincerely appreciate your work.

MD - AV Production Company [Various 3D designs & renders]


Got them thanks mike - amazing work .. just a quick to say thanks so much for the hard work

and time you have put into these renders. Very pleased to have had you on board and love

the speed at which you have multi-tasked your way through this project

..I'll second that - very impressive!

Pitch Team - Production Company [Automotive Euro Tour design & renders]


Thanks again for the visuals, they were spot on

Snr Creative - Production Company [Event design & renders]


Thank you so much Mike! It looks amazing. WE are thrilled.

MD - Production Company [Event design & renders]

and more ..


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