Design Solves Problems, Problems Dissolve Design..

FACT: 5 metres x 4 metres is a very big thing. 5 metres x 4 metres is a very small space.

Event design is driven by the event space. No matter how big your ideas are, grandness is contained by ceilings, square metres, fire routes, kitchen access, regulations, and the inglorious imagination of whomever booked the venue.

Exhibition design, by default, is space to begin with.

However, not everyone understands space, scale, heights, and what we designers call ‘facts’. Yet again another week passes and my in-box is in receipt of a sketchy concept, of an exhibition space, from a PR/advertising agency (produced after many, many meetings) for the end-client showing how 5m x 4m can accommodate sooooo much – an experiential zone, 5 touch screens on sticks, a lounge area, cafe, a twitter wall….

So I start out with a problem, needing to be resolved. It is a matter of expectation-adjustment. So the good designer has to rectify the bad design by being both creative and honest. So the good designer starts from scratch to come up with the solution.

Of course the PR people know what they were sketching was wrong.. But they were being very creative, talent so huge their ideas were beyond containment, so it doesn’t matter. Someone made their ideas come to life.

I’m off to resuscitate another red herring.


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